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€14m Asturias, SPAIN. Majestic Fortified Castle for Sale

Majestic Castle for Sale in Gijon, Asturias

For Sale through Madrid Sotheby’s International Realty

The construction of this fortified enclave has been attributed to Alfonso III, which has been built on the remains of a previous settlement. It was constructed to protect the coast and the estuary from Norman incursions and there is solid documentation that gives evidence of its state in medieval times.

The property occupies an area of 43,485 m2 and is enclosed by a high crenelated wall. On the highest part of the land, a quadrangular tower of 119.57 m2 is situated. The new construction of 1,227 m2 with a featured balcony sits adjacent to the tower wall.

On the lower part of the farmland, a house with a cantilevered gallery of 766.58 m2 is located. On the south side of the farm in front of its entrance, there is another building dedicated to garage-parking spaces and rooms with an area of 529.17 m2 and space for the easement.

The garden has been designed in an Italian style with specific features that show in the planning of the territory. Certain areas are divided in terraces, where the vegetation consists mainly of fruit trees and shrubs, and some of the tree species already were present here a centenary ago. An important role in the garden is the central fountain design and the use of the quadrilobe form, which harmonizes and distributes the spaces destined for recreation and leisure.

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