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Castles for Sale in Northern Italy

Medieval Castle for sale Near Perugia
€2.8m Perugia, ITALY. Medieval Castle for Sale
€2.8m Perugia, ITALY. Medieval Castle for Sale with Apolloni and Blom, Italy ...
Tortagna Fort for sale Liguria
€POA Liguria, ITALY. Unique 19th Century Fort
€POA Liguria, ITALY. Unique Refurbished 19th Century Fort for sale with Knight Frank ...
Montestrutto Castle for sale
€1.5m Piedmont, Italy. Neo-Gothic Castle for Sale
€1.5m Piedmont, Italy. Neo-Gothic Castle for Sale with Sotheby's International ...
Porto Venere Italy CAPITOLARE watch TOWER for sale
€POA Porto Venere, Italy 12th Century Watch Tower for Sale
€POA Porto Venere, Italy 12th Century Watch Tower for Sale with Invest in Italy RE ...

Castles For Sale in the North of Italy

Castleist is the central online source for searching for castles for sale and the 'Castles for Sale' market in Italy offers a mouth watering range of options for a would be castle buyer. As a country bursting at the seams with historic properties, art and culture, Italy is the perfect place for castle hunters. Although the top end of the castles market in Italy may be out of the price range for many castle lovers, there still are some fantastic castle bargains and a large number of fortified and medieval towers which are equally impressive (and more affordable). From Sicily and Puglia in Southern Italy to Lombardy in Northern Italy, prospective castle buyers will be spoilt for choice when searching for their castello.

If you're looking for a castle for sale in Northern Italy- including castles for sale in Emilia-Romagna, castles for sale in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, castles for sale in Liguria, castles for sale in Lombardy, castles for sale in Piemonte, castles for sale in Trentino-Alto Adige, castles for sale in Valle d'Aosta or castles for sale in Veneto then Castleist is the website for you.
Castleist is a publisher rather than a property agency so we simply cover the global market for castles and chateaux for sale. If you're an agent helping their client to buy or sell a castle then Castleist is for you. In addition to listing castles for sale, we also cover the market for other similar properties so you'll also find chateaux for sale, towers for sale, fortified towers for sale, watch towers for sale, forts for sale and fortresses for sale.

In addition to covering the market for castles for sale in Northern Italy, we cover the market in all other parts of the world including, but definitely not limited to, castles for sale in France, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Poland, Belgium, USA, Canada, Germany, England and Wales.  
If you're buying or selling a castle in Italy or elsewhere and have any questions for us, please feel free to contact Castleist here.