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€POA Veneto, ITALY. Enchanting Castle with Drawbridge for Sale

This Castle is For Sale with Sotheby's International Realty

The history of this majestic castle, located halfway between Vicenza and Padua, dates back to 1776 when thanks to its dominant position it became an important defensive stronghold, function served since antiquity as in the III Century the Romans built a watchtower on the top of that same hill, whose foundations can be still seen nowadays.

The fact that the impressive scaligero structure coexists with the typical features of a venetian villa represent a unique characteristic, since during the 18th century the owners turned the original structure into a beautiful dwelling that was supposed to compete with the Palladian villas where the nobles spent their leisure time in summer.

A large part of the rooms where frescoed by Andrea Urbani, renowned landscape painter and venetian decorator of the 1700s, whereas the precious statues of the castle are attributable to the school of the sculptor Orazio Marinali. Beyond the floral gate, there is the beautiful Italian-style garden with geometrically shaped flowerbeds, bordered by boxwood and decorated with a central fountain, potted lemon and citron trees.

The current owners purchased the property in the mid ‘70s and brought the castle back to its ancient splendor with an important restoration. The castle has regained its former glory thanks to this meticulous works, reflecting and enhancing the still incredible charm and mystery. The castle, surrounded by its defensive walls, is located on a hill at the center of the town and is one of the very few remaining being equipped with a perfectly functioning original drawbridge of the 1300s.

The atmosphere at this castle is magical: the air that you breathe is filled with history, and the stunning panoramas of the surrounding valleys evoke past battles but also a life in times past when peace, tranquility, and harmony with nature were the essence of life.