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If; you're looking for castles for sale, you're selling a castle or you're an agent representing castle buyers or castle sellers, Castleist is the website for you. 

From ruins of medieval castles in northern Europe to luxurious hilltop castles in Tuscany, fortified watch towers in Spain and even the occasional castellated residence in North America, Castleist is dedicated to the world of castles, forts and towers for sale.    This is The castles for sale website.

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Castles – The Ultimate Trophy Asset?


History, Luxury and Rarity

Whether it's a crumbling Scottish castle in need of restoration or an exceptional medieval chateau in the South of France, the purchase of a castle is an exceptional and momentous point in one's life.

To own a castle is, for many, to achieve a lifetime dream. It brings with it a responsibility as custodian of a property for future generations. Owning an historic slice of real estate might bring the occasional headache but it will also be the ultimate talking point, a real statement about the owner and an incomparable trophy asset.

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The Castles For Sale Specialists

Castles for sale, towers for sale, chateaux for sale and forts for sale. That's all we do! We're not property agents so we don't get involved in the transactions side of things but we do try to cover pretty much everything related to castles for sale around the world.

That tends to mean we're very Europe-focused but we do also cover the market for these properties in other parts of the world (including 'castles' for sale in the USA, Australia etc). One of our favourite castles for sale is actually a fort for sale in Morocco which we think could be absolutely incredible once renovated!

We'd like you to think of us as your Castles For Sale specialists but that doesn't mean we don't need the help of castle lovers all over the world to help us out. So, if you've heard about a castle for sale which isn't on our website yet, please contact us here with more details.

If you’re interested in castles for sale and have any questions, read on.  Please send us a message here if you have any questions not answered below

We LOVE Castles for sale and so do our readers but we also love chateaux for sale, towers for sale (medieval/fortified) and forts for sale. We also know that we have lots of castle fans in various parts of the world where ‘real’ castles aren’t particularly common (the USA in particular) so we love to also write about ‘castles’ for sale in the USA (including castellated residences etc) and elsewhere.

At any one time there are approximately 1,000 castles for sale (including medieval towers and forts etc) around the world.

As with many other types of unique assets, there is a significant range in prices – with castles this depends on country, specific location, current condition, historical value etc. The cheapest castle we’ve written about so far had an asking price of just over €200,000. Castles do sometimes go to auction with a lower asking price than this however that is often done to generate interest and multiple bidders. At the other end of the scale, a number of exceptional castles (particularly in France and Italy) have been listed with prices of €20m-€30m+.

Whilst Castleist can’t offer its readers specific advice on the investment potential of a castle, we are happy to make some general observations on the castles for sale market:

With regards to the value of the property itself, castles are a rare asset with no new supply to the market (excluding ‘new’ mock castles being built) and arguably a diminishing stock – both from the perspective that some are inevitably falling in to ‘ruin’ category and will never be restored and others are also being bought by states and preservation bodies to ensure they remain open to the public for perpetuity.

Castles in the hands of private owners are therefore becoming more rare and that is a positive thing for prices in the future. Although some state bodies have recently sold some historic assets, this is the exception rather than the rule.

Castles can generate significant income if appropriately managed. International tourism continues to grow (and is expected to do so for many years to come) and thus there is a very healthy demand from tourists all over the world to stay in castles.

This demand takes numerous forms, including castle hotels, however for buyers of more modestly-sized castles, the growth of the holiday rentals market – facilitated in particular by Homeaway and Airbnb – means that a castle owner can easily connect with tourists looking for an authentic castle stay.