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Wigmore Castle for sale
£800k Herefordshire, England. Historic, Protected Castle for Sale
£800k Herefordshire, England. Historic, Protected Castle for Sale with Stephen Parry Estate Agents ...
Devizes Castle for sale
£3.25m Devizes, England. Spectacular Grade I Castle for Sale
£3.25m Devizes, England. Spectacular Grade I Castle for Sale with Savills ...

Castles For Sale in England

Castleist is the central online source for searching for castles for sale and the 'Castles for Sale' market in England offers an interesting range of options for castle buyers.   Whilst the number of castles for sale in England at any given time is smaller than in other large European countries such as Italy or France, there is an enduring interest in becoming the owner of an English castle.  In addition to medieval castles and moated castles, the English property market also has a number of castellated follies, castellated houses and from time to time some truly unique defensive properties which have been built in more recent times – these include Martello Towers, Gun Forts and Sea-forts (click here for the current properties for sale in this category).

If you're looking for a castle for sale in England then you've come to the right place.  We cover the whole of the castles for sale market and in England have written about; castles for sale in Cornwall, castles for sale in Devon, castles for sale in Somerset, castles for sale in Herefordshire, castles for sale in Shropshire, castles for sale in Norfolk, castles for sale in Kent, castles for sale in Suffolk, castles for sale in Essex, castles for sale in Warwickshire, castles for sale in London, castles for sale in North Yorkshire, castles for sale in in Cumbria, castles for sale in Lancashire, castles for sale in Essex, castles for sale in Hertfordshire, castles for sale in Sussex and castles for sale in Buckinghamshire.
Castleist is a publisher rather than a property agency so we simply cover the global market for castles and chateaux for sale. If you're an agent helping their client to buy or sell a castle then Castleist is for you. In addition to listing castles for sale, we also cover the market for other similar properties so you'll also find chateaux for sale, towers for sale, fortified towers for sale, watch towers for sale, forts for sale and fortresses for sale.
In addition to covering the market for castles for sale in England, we cover the market in all other parts of the world including, but definitely not limited to, castles for sale in France, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Poland, Belgium, USA, Canada, Germany and Wales.  
If you're buying or selling a castle in England or elsewhere and have any questions for us, please feel free to contact Castleist here.