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Have You Recently Purchased a Castle?

Share Your Story With Our Readers


Have you recently purchased a castle, a fortified tower or a fort? As the global ' Castles for Sale ' website, Castleist is keen to hear the stories of recent castle buyers.

In addition to listing every castle for sale worldwide, we're building a library of content for our readers so that they can learn more about the castle buying process. Whether you made a straightforward cash-purchase of a turn-key, medieval castle which you intend to use as your home or you borrowed money to purchase a derelict castle to restore in to a luxury boutique hotel, your story is of interest to us. Perhaps you bought a castle and things didn't turn out quite as you expected. Maybe you've learned some important lessons about buying in a particular country which would be of use to our audience.

We'll shortly be publishing a regular series of stories to both entertain and educate our readers about buying and selling castles.

We've already reached out to some castle buyers who we were already in contact with so we expect to have an interesting range of castle-buying stories from countries including Spain, Italy, Ireland and France but we're really happy to hear your castle-buying story wherever your castle (or tower, fort or castellated home) is located.

To contact us, please click here. We are more than happy to write and/or edit your story if you provide the key details and we also have a Q&A story format available to make the process straightforward for you, the castle owner.