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€1.5m Beuda, SPAIN. Medieval Catalan Castle

This Medieval Castle is For Sale with ReMax

Castle of Beuda, declared a “Cultural Natural interest”

The Castle of Beuda, a castle of medieval Catalan nobility, originating back to the 10th century and surrounded by 53 hectares of land, is built on top of an ancient Gothic Roman fortification.

The fortified building is constructed around a courtyard that is highlighted by its square tower in the center of the gothic windows with a floor area of about 2000 m2. The structure and the walls are in impeccable condition.
Part of the walls date back to the 10th century and many details inside haven been preserved, for example the Gothic reliefs on the walls.
The inside of the Castle has be totally rehabilitated, this according to your specifications and wishes.
The various rooms, spaces, dungeons, cellars, bedrooms, halls and the Tower… all of them offer multiple possibilities.

In the 10th Century the Castle belonged to the County of Besalú. Furthermore in the year 1002 the Castle was quoted by Pope Sylvester II, confirming it to be in possession of the bishopric of Girona.
During the next centuries the Castle became property of various Catalan noble families.

The municipality of Beudais, located in the province Girona (Catalonia),northeast of the Gorrotxa and even reaches the southern slopes of the massif of the Mont des
dal valle de Fluvia.
The original Romanesque town with its precious castles, spectacular houses and monasteries is a perfect balance between nature and medieval architecture.
Situated just 30 km from Figueres, 22 of Olot, 40 km from the Costa Brava and only 5 km from Besalú.