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€1.605m Krześlice, POLAND. Romantic Neo-Gothic Castle for Sale

This Castle is For Sale with Sotheby's International Realty

In the sixteenth century, the owner of the property and the surrounding countryside of Krześlice was one of the most noble families in Wielkopolska that period.
About 1860,there was a neo-gothic palace – castle built and then, about 1890, it was enlarged. After the final reconstruction of the residence, it was conceived as the romantic castle, situated in the picturesque landscapes of the park.
During World War II there was a German owner of Krześlice. After the war, Krześlice was taken by the Production Cooperative and in 1950 it was taken by the State Collective Farm in Pomarzanowice. The palace was gradually felling into disrepair, and in 1971 the front part of the east wing collapsed. On 5th November 1975, the complex of palace and park with an annexe Krześlice were registered on the list of monuments. Since 1996 it is a private property and after a thorough, comprehensive renovation of the property and park, it was opened as a hotel and a restaurant.
The park has an area of ​​4106 m2. Most of the landmarked greenery is made of: field maple, ash, hornbeam, beech and willow. There are also some foreign trees: sycamore and chestnut. The predominant shrubs are: black lilac, field maple and euonymus. In 1999, the most valuable plants in the park were inventoried in 680 generic groups, 570 trees were carefully measured.
The three-storey palace has a rectangular shape with a polygonal breaks in the front, from the side of the park and two lateral breaks. It is covered with a gable roof. Asymmetrically, there is four-storey tower placed with an inside staircase. The peaks are decorated with neo-gothic friezes, crenelage and pinnacles. Nearby the palace, there have been preserved a classical outbuilding from the first half of the nineteenth century and some farm buildings. The historic palace was renovated in December 1985 after receiving an acceptance of the Regional Conservator.
In the palace, there are 20 rooms with private bathrooms and 4 bedrooms with a bathroom in the corridor. All rooms are equipped with stylish furniture. Room with adjoining terrace was specially arranged for a Corner. In the basement of the palace there is a bar.