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€112k Brioude, FRANCE. Medieval Tower for Sale

This Medieval Tower is For Sale with Denniel Immobilier

MEDIÉVALE TOUR XIIIth CENTURY – Classified MH, in the middle of one of the most beautiful villages of France, Brioude, Haute-Loire, Auvergne-Rhone-Alps.

In one of the most beautiful villages of France, this seigniorial tower stands proudly in the middle of the village which was built on the site of the fortress of which it was part of the defense system, besides many smaller, integrated towers. to the houses, still dot this village visited for its picturesque appearance from the beginning of the XXth century. Any project in association, partnership, and other legal arrangements is possible.

Of a pace that is not reminiscent of the contemporary towers of San Giminiano, the importance of this tower of 25 meters, next to the bell tower, is explained by the rivalry between the temporal and spiritual power, in this region. Auvergne where abbesses and feudal lords ruled.
On a nearly square plan of about seven meters on the side, the facades are against buttresses. At the top, machicolations are supported by corbelled brackets under a four-sided roof.

Originally, access to the tower was through a door six meters from the ground, today the access is done full foot by a later piercing.
The original layout includes a level ground floor vaulted old cradle reserve which was descended only by a central opening in the vault, on an obstructed tank, currently divided into two levels, each of the two levels enjoys a breakthrough posterior on the outside and catches the first floor by a wooden staircase in an adjunction of the eighteenth century north side.
A first floor currently divided into two levels, which was the floor through which one accessed from outside. This level is also furrowed with a modern wooden communication staircase.
A second floor under a beautiful ogival vault of about six meters, lit by a large window and half height by a beautiful loophole in the semicircular embrasure.
A third floor lit by a semicircular window.
A fourth floor at the top under frame, widened by the machicolation currently obstructed.

The stone straight staircase is one meter wide and is located inside the masonry and rotates in the corners. It distributes the four floors above the reserve on the ground floor.

Oak timbers, dated by dendrochronology of winter 1456-1457, date of slaughter, indeed an inventory of 1481 describes the tower as “a ruin to the rotten frame”.