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<€2.5m Piacenza, ITALY. 15th Century Castle For Sale

This XV Century Castle is For Sale with Lionard Luxury Real Estate

This 15th-century castle surrounded by nature is for sale in the province of Piacenza. It was commissioned by Rolando Pallavicino as he wanted to realise a fortified military stronghold, but the first documents regarding this fortress date back to 1298, when the town of Cremona fortified the hamlet.
When Pallavicino died the building was yet to be completed. This was done by his son Carlo, bishop of Lodi, who used the palace as a summer home and adorned it with wonderful paintings.
This luxury castle for sale is one of the most majestic defensive buildings in the lower Po Valley and, as such, features a typical structure made of fired bricks, has a square plan that surrounds an internal courtyard with round arches, and four spectacular cylindrical towers protruding from the corners.
The apartments making up the noble part of the castle are on the first floor and still feature 18th-century decorations on the walls and halls with frescoes depicting allegories of the seasons.
The private chapel, which is a true gem full of charm and priceless works of art, can be accessed from the noble apartments and features a wonderful cycle of 15th-century frescoes depicting angels, prophets and figures of the time made by painters Bonifacio and Benedetto Bembo
The ancient cellars are where there were once horse stables and storage rooms; they are now home to three museums and an aquarium; on the other hand, this castle's wonderful state halls are often used for art exhibitions, congresses, photograph shows, meetings and other kinds of events.
We can still breath in this building's enchanting military history and very charming atmosphere on this castle's majestic towers, keeps and walls where we can still read some graffiti left by prisoners.