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€29.9m Calabria, ITALY. Impressive Seafront Castle for Sale

Il Castello Federiciano di Roseto Capo Spulico is For Sale with ReMax

In Roseto Capo Spulico(Calabria), we have for sale the magnificent Castle of Fredericoin perfect condition located in 10,000 square meters of exclusive terrain. Completely restored, it is built on the sea and with the possibility of private beach access. Currently used as a restaurant and conference room.

The Castle of Roseto Capo Spulico, said Petrae Roseti, stands majestically on a cliff above the Ionian Sea, in a strategic position dominating the Gulf of Taranto. The fortress dates back to the tenth century

Today, after careful restoration work by the company owner, it shines as a classic example of Frederico architecture with Templar origin. As a trapezoidal plan, the castle is surrounded by crenellated walls on the south side opening into a large entrance hall with an imposing Gothic portal that still has the rose crusade, the lily petals, the circle of Solomon and the coat of arms with a griffin (emblem of the Emperor's family).

Inside the fortress there is a large courtyard with a central tank, the remains of the stables, magnificent reception rooms and spacious rooms decorated in medieval style. Recently, a complete historical research based on studies of the Archives Tsarist, discovered that the castle was guarded by Frederick II, the Holy Shroud. This finding is supported by studies on the stonemasons of the castle, which led to the sign reading of the Griffon, which belonged to Frederick II and the Seal of Solomon, which reproduces that of the Temple of Jerusalem.