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€2m Bayern, GERMANY. Large Gothic Castle for Sale

Late Gothic castle for sale, high above the river Main, Lower Franconia, northern Bavaria.

The plot of the castle is located on a steep slope east of the village next to the river Main. The Würzburg-Schweinfurt-Bamberg railway line running between the village and the Main has its next stop about 1 km from the castle.

On the eastern and higher part of the property is the castle and on the smaller, western part there is a parking lot with a farm building, cellar, storage rooms and garden areas.

The castle building is located in a west-facing hillside and forms an irregular quadrangle, consisting of the northern wing with chapel tower, the southern wing with living quarters, the middle wing with passage to the courtyard and the eastern intermediate building with a towering keep. The castle is equipped with a strong, partly 6 m high, walkable wall.

The adjoining vestibule to the west – referred to as Vorburg – is built with a south-facing stables with a tower and to the west with a present-day office building. At the entrance to the forecourt is a gatehouse. The buildings of the outer bailey have a steep slope to the west and south and are, as in the castle, built on a strong rampart wall.

The castle is surrounded in the south by vineyards and residential and farm buildings of the village and in the east and north by parks. To the west is a wooded slope between the driveway and the castle area.

The property has an extension in west-east direction of approx. 180 m and in north-south direction from approx. 130 m.

The traffic situation of the district is favorable. The federal motorway A3 from Nuremberg via Würzburg to Frankfurt connects the northern Bavarian economic areas with each other. The branching motorway A 7 leads from Würzburg to Kassel and Hanover.