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€2m Siguenza, SPAIN. Outstanding Castle For Sale

AHOME offers this magnificent 14th-century castle, located in the Municipal Term of Sigüenza (Guadalajara), in the hamlet of Guijosa that is about 6 km from it.
The castle covers an area of ​​1,054 m2. and it has a plot of terraced land of 2,000 m2., being the total area of ​​3,054 m2.
It is a square-plan castle, with cubes in the corners topped with crenellated grooves, with a powerful tower of the exempt tribute and centered in the inner enclosure.
The building provides a series of singularities, some of the 14th-century castles of enormous purity and beauty, having some unique architectural solutions in Spanish castillology. The tribute tower has an incredible height for the time, thirty meters and the towers of the south wall are not repeated in any other Hispanic castle.
There is currently a rehabilitation and adaptation project of the castle to turn it into a luxury hotel and a place for the organization of events.