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€5.5m Trento, ITALY. XII Century Castle For Sale

Castel Madruzzo, Lasino (Trento) is For Sale With Immobili di Prestigio.

 Spectacular castle of the twelfth century, a few kilometers from the beautiful city of Trento, located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Valley of the Lakes, surrounded by a beautiful park of 12 hectares.
On a rocky hill, past the forest that covers the mountain, the walls of an ancient castle show unexpectedly in thoer noble immobility as memory of the past . They seem as though the mountain at some point is transformed into a fortress and the forest of oak trees all around it would begin to vibrate slightly.
Going up a steep road carved into the rock (built in the first half of the XVI century from Giangaudenzio Madruzzo, father of Cardinal Madruzzo Crostoforo) that runs along the medieval walls, you reach the castle. Beyond the medieval part with towers which are very precarious (and should undergo an intervention for structural reinforcement), the castle is in good condition, indeed, the XVI century part is even habitable.
Upon entering one can’t but notice the good maintenance conditions of the outdoor spaces , including the court where is the old pit / tank. Also interesting is the small church (dedicated to Saint Nicholas), in which at the time of the Madruzzo the priest was to celebrate Mass at Christmas and Easter. The church in the frescoes and paintings are in good conditions and so are the coats of arms of the family and the Prince Bishop Christopher Madruzzo.
The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park of 12 hectares, enclosed by a wall and characterized by interesting varieties of very old and mature trees.