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€5.9m Calenzano, ITALY. Medieval Castle near Florence For Sale

This Castle is For Sale With Lionard Luxury Real Estate

This prestigious castle for sale is in Calenzano, province of Florence; it dates back to the 12th century and was built under the orders of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa to defend the roads that connected the town to the Mugello valley.
Owned by local noble families such as the Alberti, Guidi, and Cavalcanti, the castle lost its original military function in the 1300s, when it became a private home and the centre of the area's agricultural activities.
Extended between the 17th and 18th centuries, this castle has maintained its looks until the last, recent refurbishment by its current owners, and stands high above the valley below it in all its original glory.
From its isolated, panoramic position in the middle of a valley that still features an untouched landscape, this castle dominates the whole area and is surrounded by a big fenced park measuring 1.6 hectares.
This is the perfect venue for congresses, meetings, cultural events, weddings and private parties. The elegant, enchanting rooms of this historical estate are full of historical echoes of great charm. But there's more: the whole castle for sale is bright and spacious, featuring banquet halls and some suites for guests, one of which was allegedly the favourite of famous opera singer Caruso. 
The big park may fit up to 250 people and offers a variety of views, as it features several terraces and levels with a big range of plants, flowers, ornamental basins, fountains and statues. This castle's typical chapel, the oldest part of the whole estate, is dedicated to Saint Peter and is the perfect frame for religious ceremonies, as it offers a warm, intimate atmosphere.