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€500k Castile and Leon, SPAIN. Renovated Spanish Castle For Sale

This Castle is For Sale with Estate One

Castle dating back to XV century, rebuilt in 1970, with a large inner courtyard with arches of 300 m2 approx. It is located 27 kilometers from Ávila capital and about 147km from Madrid, in the region known as La Moraña. Although we treat it as a Castle, it really is a Strong House, that is, a fortified building with battlements and exterior wall, but inside it has spacious rooms or rooms. Those on the second floor and the tower illuminated by large windows. It is a rectangular construction of 25 x 29 meters (mts.), With a courtyard with a well and high walls of 11 meters, main building and a tribute tower of 10 x 10 meters. of plant and 22 meters. high, all of Castilian Mudejar style. The materials used in its construction are brick walls, boulder or adobe and lime and granite in the corner reinforcements of the walls and the jambs of the doors of the ground floor. 
In the rehabilitation and improvement, granite slabs were used for the patio and golden stone of Salamanca for doors and windows and for the railing of the main and balcony stairs, as can be seen in the photos. For the solana or upper gallery black and white marble in checkered. All ceilings are made of quarters or wooden beams, very well preserved. On the ground floor of the building there is a covered entrance area, the room dedicated to LAGAR and then the WINERY and the KITCHEN. Also from the PATIO you can access the GROUND FLOOR of the tower, connected to the first floor and with two BATHROOMS with pink marble bathtubs in one piece. From the patio you can also access the CAR, with two horse cars, a float and a landó and accessories. In addition to the detailed photos, the floor and elevation plans are available. 
Giving the large courtyard the interior facade of the building has a part covered with stone columns on the ground floor and wood on the top, joined by the main stone staircase that overlooks the upper gallery. On the first floor entering from the upper gallery is the DINING ROOM, with a table for 24 people, armor, weapons scenarios, spears with banners, pastry, etc. On the left the CHAPEL with altar, chasubles and other elements and on the right the main SALON with chimney a comfortable triplet and seats of various types; a pastry and hunting trophies on the walls. Then the LIBRARY with office table and fraileros armchairs gives way to the first floor of the tribute tower where there is a bedroom with double bed and toilet. Capacity people sitting at circular tables about 120 more space to stand in cocktail. Capacity of the dining room table 22. Full kitchen The living room has a working fireplace. Heating no. Fully decorated. Bodega, Lagar and Garage on the ground floor.  An hour and a half from Madrid airport