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€720k Naxos, Greece. Venetian Tower for Sale

Venetian tower for sale in Kourounochori Naxos, Greece.


This property is one of the oldest remaining habitable towers that one can find in the entire Balkan region. The most likely date of construction (historical sources) is between 1371 – 1383. The tower has three levels with a total area of about 300 square meters.

On the rooftop a large marble table has been preserved with carved crest in the center of which states that, in 1727 it belonged to CRUSSINO Sommaripa.

This tower defensive retains some of the historic elements that attest to it's age, such as slots or four “zematistres” that allowed the occupants to throw burning oil on the attackers.

This Venetian defensive tower is for sale through Real Naxos