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€780k Stimigliano, ITALY. Historic Tower With Frescoes For Sale

This Historic Tower is For Sale With ReMax

It is a real pleasure to be able to manage the sale of one of the most exclusive properties of the Sabina, the Torre degli Orsini of Stimigliano, a building bound by the superintendence of cultural heritage, rich in history and great charm.
Palazzo Orsini
Historical notes
Palazzo Orsini has a structural origin around the 14th century, by the sons of Giordano Orsini who were given power over Stimigliano. It is very probable that the Palace stands on the remains of an ancient Roman villa.
It consists of three main bodies arranged in a “C” around an inner courtyard. On the right side with respect to the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, stands a tower that is visible many kilometers away.
The building is accessed from an ancient ashlar portal, the apartments are decorated with 16th century frescoes, probably from the school of Taddeo Zuccari.
The courtyard leads to the noble chapel, inaugurated in 1595 as shown in the epigraph placed in the chapel itself. Inside you can admire a fresco representing the Fugue in Egypt.
Current layout of
Ala Torre rooms
Ground floor: Entrance / living room with vaulted ceilings
First floor: Large kitchen with wooden ceilings, living room with fireplace exposed beams , bathroom, balcony, balcony
Second floor: single bedroom, bathroom with shower, double bedroom, bathroom with shower, wooden beamed ceiling, tower body
Third floor: tower body
Fourth floor: tower body
Fifth floor: splendid 360 ° panorama terrace (water intake and electricity)
Ala Palazzo Orsini
First floor:
“Stanza azzurra”: frescoed room with decorated coffered ceiling
Large representation hall with frescoes (Taddeo Zuccari school), ceiling with wooden beams, 4 large windows and fireplace Large dining room “Sala Samaritana “with fresco Taddeo Zuccari.  Kitchen (with second entrance), sitting area,
Second floor ceiling with wooden trusses: large room, bathroom
large bedroom with en-suite bathroom and frescoed passageway
Third floor:
panoramic bedroom with en-suite bathroom
three small bedrooms, utility room
Main entrance hallway and staircase:
shared with other owners
The frescoes need careful restoration, the roof and floors have been completely restored
Preferred destinations of use: Charming hotel, location for ceremonies and events, private residence
Municipality of Stimigliano
Stimigliano stands on the top of a hill on the northern banks of the Tiber, facing Monte Soratte and the town of Ponzano Romano. The original core of the town is in the highest part of the hill.
The origins of Stimigliano sink in the mists of time; it is in fact known, through many written testimonies, the presence of an ancient Roman villa. Already in the Middle Ages it came under the influence of the Church State.
In 1368, after a period of municipal freedom, Stimigliano came under the dominion of the Orsini family, who built the building of the same name. After that, the historical vicissitudes of Stimigliano are similar to those of the whole Sabina and Upper Lazio area: Napoleonic wars, annexation to the Kingdom of Italy, partisan struggle.