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€990k Aquila, ITALY. Significant Section of Castle for Sale

Significant section of Oricola Castle for sale with ReMax.

The Oricola Castle, dating from the ninth century, is located at the edge of the plain of the Knight in the municipality of Oricola, Aquila.

From a dominant position at the top of the village the view stretches for several kilometers across the valley – aiding relaxation and reflection. The Castello portion for sale is the South/West part of the building and is spread over three levels totaling 400 sqm ca. of dwelling and a pleasant outdoor terrace with views of the valley and internal and external car parking.

The castle is 50 km ca. from Rome and as many from L'Aquila connected through the A / 24 Roma – L'Aquila.

The remainder of the building is partly occupied by municipal offices and partly privately owned.