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Castles for Sale – News

The Latest News on the Global Market for Castles for Sale

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Selling or Buying a Castle via Auction
Selling or Buying a Castle via Auction. Are you considering an auction to buy or sell your castle? ...
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Castles – The Pinnacle of the Property Market
Castles - The Pinnacle of the Property Market. Is a castle the ultimate real estate purchase? ...
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Castleist – Find Castles for Sale
Find Castles for Sale on Castleist. Also; chateaux, towers, forts and sea forts ...

Castles News – The Stories We Cover

At Castleist we're passionate about the market for castles for sale and everything related to the buying and selling of these wonderful properties.

Our news section is a reflection of this so it's a curated selection of the most significant and interesting news about chateaux, forts and castles for sale from around the world.

We report on:

Significant new castle listings

Notable castle sales

Completions of any major renovations/refurbishments of castles

Trends/developments in the castles market

New approaches to purchasing, financing, disposing of castles including methods such as fractional ownership and crowd-funding

If you have some interesting news related to the castles for sale market, get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you.