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Castles – The Pinnacle of the Property Market

Are Castles the Ultimate Property Purchase?

A penthouse in New York, a vineyard in France, a private island in the Caribbean or perhaps a mansion in London. All are highly prized assets in the global real estate market but do any of them really compare to the castle?

A medieval castle is perhaps the ultimate real estate purchase – combining history, unique architectural features, generous internal space, security, spectacular locations, relative accessibility, an all important 'wow' factor and much more.

Although it might be reasonable to assume that the Castleist team is a little bit biased on this subject, we find it difficult to find another property type which ticks so many boxes for a buyer seeking something a little bit different. The opportunity to take ownership of a property which has stood for hundreds of years, which has so many stories to tell, which has been witness to so much life, conflict and celebration is truly unique. Purchasing a castle is not just a purchase of a property, it is marking your own life as a page in a great property's history. Your family's name will forever be etched in the history of the property just as generations of others have done before you.

To announce the purchase of a castle is a statement. Whether it's a €500,000 castle in need of renovation or a €20,000,000 castle, gloriously restored and updated for modern living, the opportunity to inform a friend, business partner or relative that you now own a castle is a landmark moment in your life.


Find Your Dream Castle for Sale

We love castles (particularly castles for sale) and our only goal at Castleistis to inform our readers of all the castles currently for sale around the world.

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