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€999k Slobity, POLAND.  Ruins of Schlobitten Castle For Sale

Ruins of Schlobitten Castle for sale in Slobity Poland through Agata Kincel of Big City Broker

The palace and park complex (classified as a permanent ruin) is located in the village of Słobity , approx. 15 km north-east of Pasłęk and approx. 25 km east of Elbląg. 

The site covers over 55 hectares of land with great investment potential. There are forests, parks, meadows, pastures, roads and ponds here. 

The most famous point of this area are the ruins of the palace that once belonged to the Zu Dohna family, one of the most distinguished Prussian count families in these lands. At the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century, the palace was expanded with unprecedented panache and splendor, becoming the most outstanding realization of the Baroque era in this area and gaining the title of a royal palace. 

In its heyday, the palace housed collections of works of art, including over 450 paintings, priceless library collections in the form of old prints and manuscripts, collections of furniture and porcelain. 

Unfortunately, in March 1945, as a result of the actions of the Red Army, the Słobice palace was burnt down and its equipment plundered. Only the perimeter walls of the palace body, built on the plan of a flattened letter “H”, and fragments of the wall of the side galleries have survived in full. 

Despite the damage done here, the ruins of the palace still make an amazing impression and attract history enthusiasts and explorers from both Poland and Germany.  It is said that in the underground tunnels of the palace there are 2 levels of cellars, in which the Amber Room could have been hidden from being plundered . 

It would certainly be a great place for a golf course, hotel, horse riding center, agritourism services. The concept and use of the potential of this place remains at the discretion of the new owner. 

The land on the site is agricultural land and forest areas. Classification: PSIV, ŁVI, RVI, LS, RIVa, RIVb, LZIII. Please contact us to find out more about the offer: 609 301 420 The content of this announcement does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. The content is informative and we recommend that you verify it personally”.