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€1.3m Mondonedo, SPAIN.  Castle For Sale Dating Back to 12th Century

This castle is for sale with Galician Rustic.



This Pazo (Fortress) dates back to the XII century when it had a defendable watchtower which still stands today whose function was to work as a spearhead against any troops that were coming into Mondoñedo from that direction. The watchtower is still part of the Pazo other parts have been added on in the XV century. Later in the XVI century the chapel was built on. More or less at the same time the convent that was attached to the rear of the fortress was built. Later the convent was taken to Mondoñedo stone by stone and rebuilt within the walls for safety, after having had been raided by bandits.

The fortress was built on ground that originally was a Celtic hill fort, later the Romans set up a fort there and finally the noble family made the Pazo there. It is unique within Galicia in that it still has a Roman road which had a lot of merchandise being moved around on it (as with all the Roman roads) as they were the best form of transit. The owners of the Pazo wanted the transit to continue and made the road go through a tunnel that they built between the Pazo and the chapel. This tunnel is nowadays used by all the pilgrims who go through Mondoñedo.

This Pazo is very large and has been through many wars but its general condition is excellent. At the back of the Pazo is a large walled patio where the convent was situated.

The frontage of the Pazo is approximately 55 meters and the average depth is 16 meters, this gives a total once restored of over 800m2.

The chapel itself is 90m2 and very high with three entrances two for the nobles and one for the poor from the area. It has a balcony where the ladies received communion separately from the men.

Within the Patio there are two buildings that were the servant’s quarters one of which was an enormous fireplace where people sat inside it (the lareira). It was the kitchen and dining area and the other was the living and sleeping accommodation two floors high all together 290 useful m2 still in excellent conditions.

The main building consists of a series of dungeons and areas where the livestock was kept at night time, wine cellars, and barns to keep the fodder dry, on the bottom floor. A good part of this has been restored.

The middle floor consists of a series of halls all interconnected some tremendously long, over 20 metres, all in excellent state. At this moment

They contain an immense number of very valuable antiques most of which would be included in the sale.

The upper floor contains bedrooms that are also in good condition. The whole of the Pazo has new double glazed windows,

One of the most remarkable features of the Pazo is the nobilities crest and shield of arms. It differs from most being even larger than the ones on the cathedral. It has features that show that during 16 generations there were no bastards in the family and even a face in the lower part of a Celtic devils face as a complete affront to the church. Something quiet strange in the middle ages, considering that the Pazo was partially built to protect the Cathedral.

Mondoñedo has a long and varied history. It was an area occupied by the Celtas having an immigration from Bretania which continued during the Reign of the Suevos. After that it was occupied by the Reign of the Visigods of Toledo. Later all these peoples lost their languages and turned to the Christian religion.

It was first mentioned in 1112 when the bishops seat was transferred and in 1156 it got the title of City. Mondoñedo itself has been appointed World Heritage Site by the Unesco and is a most beautiful city, situated only 20 km from the North coast.

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