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€1.8m Asturias, SPAIN.  Palace with Tower For Sale

This Palace With Tower is For Sale through Galician Rustic.


The Palace of El Pividal or Miranda is located in Abres, on the left bank of the River Eo, looking towards its source. Abres is a village and parish of the Council of Vegadeo (Asturias).

Two floors plus the tower, 807 m2 and all the comforts of our time. Around this Palacio de Miranda, and within its 16,000 m2 estate, there are a series of external buildings that demonstrate the real dimension of this property. The guest house (formerly the Butler’s house). It has a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. Surface area, 50 m2 built. The Pilgrims’ House is an open space with two floors. It has an area of approximately 140 m2. The upper floor has been refurbished, with all the oak beams. The dovecote is an open circular space built in stone, it has the appearance of a tower. It could be used as an auxiliary warehouse building. The panera (granary) today is an ornamental building and is in very good condition. The chapel, which is attached to the main body of the palace, can be accessed from the inside through a corridor in front of the altar. It has an area of 43 m2 built.

It is located just on the Northern Way of Saint James, the third largest pilgrimage route. Between Galicia, the community with the greatest increase in tourism in Spain in 2019, and Asturias which broke the record for visitors in that year.