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€2.7m Barciany, POLAND.  Teutonic Knights Castle For Sale

Beautiful XIV Century Castle for sale with Decisive Real Estate

About the Castle

The medieval Teutonic Knights’ Castle is an excellent example of the military architecture of the Teutonic Order – one of the best-preserved Teutonic conventual castles (i.e. a building erected as the seat of the territorial authority and the knights constituting its crew). The Castle is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Poland – Masuria, including the vicinity of many tourist attractions and towns classified as top Masurian locations.
The Property has an irregular shape, convenient for the development of investments and is slightly diversified in terms of topography. Access to the Property is very good, including the direct access to a public road. In the immediate vicinity of the Property, there are no sources of pollution or other nuisances that could have a significant impact on the living conditions of people and on environmental degradation.

– The castle has its own lake, through which you can sail to the centre of Barciany, where a historic church is located. Currently, the lake is partially overgrown/marshy, however, it is possible to re-create a water reservoir.
– The usable floor area of the building possible to obtain after the works are completed: 12. 835 m2.
– Attractive from the point of view of a potential Investor should be the possibility to obtain funds from the EU and national subsidies for the implementation of planned investment projects.
– The plot of land in question has the land use: areas of installations and greenery associated with the functioning of the Castle.

• A hotel
• A place of organization of conferences and cultural events
• A place for sports and recreation (the possibility of recreating the lake around the Castle with a beach and using it as a renewable energy source with the help of EU funding).

• Inflow to and outflow from the water reservoir
• Water use approval to create a lake was obtained
• Renovation of the castle walls, taking into account the instructions from the historic buildings conservation officer
• Archaeological and geological tests on the Property
• An appraisal
• Permission to carry out renovation inside the Castle.


Barciany is a large Masurian village located 18 km north of Kętrzyn and only 8 km south of the border with the Kaliningrad Oblast. Thanks to its unique location in the Great Masurian Lakes Region, the Kętrzyn Poviat is a perfect place for the development of domestic and foreign investments, including tourist and service investments.

The immediate surroundings of the Property include housing and settlement developments as well as undeveloped agricultural areas. In the north, the vicinity of the Castle is made up of single-family housing development, agricultural land, and standing waters, in the east – Wiosenna street and housing development, in the south, the Property borders on Wiosenna street and further agricultural land, while in the west there are the utility buildings of the former state-owned collective farm.


The first works on the construction of the Castle began probably as early as before 1380, and they were finally completed in three stages, lasting until the 1420s.

The castle remained the seat of the prosecutor and under the commandry in Ryn, it gained great military importance as an important base point for the Teutonic Knights from which to assault neighbouring Lithuania. In 1455, at the beginning of the Thirteen Years' War, the castle was burned down, later it was seized several times by various troops, and even peasants, who in 1458, by force of arms, took over the fortress without any defenders. After the secularization of the Teutonic Knights’ Order, Barciany became the centre of the land administered by the prince’s starostes, and the castle – their seat. More information about history you may find in our presentation: