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€3.179m Hummelshain, GERMANY.  Renovated Castle For Sale

This Castle is For Sale with Robert Dietz of ReMax Immobilienzentrum.

The old castle Hummelshain was built between 1660 – 1670. With its huge castle park and baroque style elements, it is widely known in the region. 

After it served as a school, clinic and senior citizens' center in the last century, the state of Thuringia sold it to an investor in 2007, who extensively renovated it. The entire building is under individual and cultural monument protection, which made the renovation incredibly complicated. Nevertheless, it was possible to bring the main building and the east wing to the highest technical level that is possible with the monument protection.

The east wing of the castle originally served as a kitchen and housed the employees of the court. This made it perfectly suited to be converted into a restaurant with a castle hostel above in 2014.
This concept was very lucrative until March 2020 and was no longer feasible due to the corona pandemic and the owners' illness. The east wing will be leased again from January 2023. A high-standard guesthouse will open here from April 2023, in combination with a café on the ground floor.

All apartments in the main building have been built from the point of view of age-appropriate living. For this purpose, an elevator was integrated into the main building, all floor and door thresholds were removed, doors were widened and the showers were installed at floor level. However, the charm of the building was not diminished, but even underlined in many points.
In the course of the refurbishment, the once single-glazed windows were replaced with modern casement windows, which emphasize the venerable character of the rooms. The facade was insulated 20 cm thick to increase energy efficiency.

The cavalier building, erected in 1890, can be reached via the closed arcade. This was historically built to accommodate guests. The basic substance is good, but not yet renovated. Most of the rooms have been cleared, the roof and windows have been sealed so that no moisture can penetrate.

The staircase can be reached from the outside on the ground floor or via the arcade. A long, central hallway on each floor leads from the stairwell to the end of the building. 12 rooms on each floor are accessible on the left and right, another directly via the staircase. This wing of the building is not classified as historically significant by the Monuments Office, as it was built much later than the rest and without much pomp. Therefore, there are various possible uses here:

A preliminary inquiry for an external, modern pergola was verbally approved. In addition, the hallway could be divided in the middle, creating two apartments with 4 rooms each + kitchen and bathroom. At around 12 m², the rooms are large enough by today's standards and could be connected to form larger rooms with little effort. Additional entrances could also be created for this from the other side of the building.

There are hardly any limits to the possibilities here.

Location description:

Hummelshain is a small community south of Jena, very close to Kahla. In addition to several castles, historic buildings and hunting grounds in the region, the historic residential village is primarily known as the starting and finishing point for the extensive hiking areas. In line with its magnificent history and beautiful location, it is not surprising that Hummelshain also has some intellectual historians as residents today.