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€610k Jistebnice, Czech Republic (15m CZK).  Medieval Fortress For Sale

This castle is for sale with Lenka Munter of Luxent Exclusive Properties.  Asking Price: 15,000,000 CZK.


“Sale of medieval fortress complex with pond, 19200 sqm, Jistebnice

We offer for sale an unique complex, medieval fortress from the 15th century with a Baroque granary from the 18th century, pond and land in Jistebnice in the Tábor region. The total area of the property (built-up area of buildings, land and pond) is 19200 sqm. Two semicircular bastions and one basement wing of the buildings have been preserved from the fortress. Part of the original moat gave rise to the Brewery Pond, which is 12711 sqm in size. The Baroque granary is still in very good condition and borders the land between the local road and the fortress. A metalworking factory and a gatehouse were built in the courtyard of the fortress during the normalisation period.

The Gothic Rosenberg fortress on the shore of the Pivovarský Pond is the oldest preserved monument in Jastebnice, probably founded in the 13th century (mentioned in 1262) with preserved bastions built in the 15th century. The fortress underwent a Renaissance reconstruction, from which some architectural elements, such as the ridge vaults on the ground floor, are still visible today.

The original four-winged layout with semicircular bastions was once protected by moats. The fortress as we know it today is a single-storey building, of which only the eastern wing with a pair of semicircular bastions remains. The building has vaulted vaults on the ground floor and is underbuilt with vaulted rooms. The third bastion, of which only fragments remain, stood in the north-western part of the courtyard, from where there was probably the original access to the fortress, which was badly damaged by the Thirty Years' War. It was partially demolished in 1638 and only the walls and three bastions remain. At the end of the 17th century, however, it was rebuilt, with a single-storey residential wing built in between the half-cylindrical bastions. At the same time, a brewery was established here. A Baroque granary was added to the old wall on the north side in the 18th century.

The property is surrounded by beautiful nature, forests and ponds. There are numerous hiking and cycling trails, the possibility of skiing in the ski resort at Monínec, for golfers the nearby golf course, for those interested in history it is worth mentioning the medieval town of Tábor, the spa town of Bechyně, Milevsko with its important Premonstratensian monastery and of the numerous nearby castles and chateaus Orlík and Zvíkov Castle. For horse lovers, the Cunkov area offers horse stabling and riding lessons”.