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€POA Gors-Opleeuw, BELGIUM. Gors Castle (Kasteel van Gors) is For Sale

€POA – Gors Castle (Kasteel van Gors) in Gors-Opleeuw, Belgium is For Sale With Found & Baker (Video Below).

Agent's Description:

A hidden pearl in the beautiful Haspengouw.

The Castle of Gors is located on a 3.8 ha domain in the heart of picturesque Gors-Opleeuw.
It looks like an environment where time has stood still. Or at least where time no longer plays a significant role, because of the silence and tranquillity.

Although romance can still be felt everywhere, Gors Castle has adapted wonderfully well to the present day.
It is the first energy neutral castle in our country. This by means of sustainable solutions such as solar panels and a CO2-neutral wood gasification system.

It concerns a total renovation started in 2005, in 2017 all energy techniques were renewed to become energy neutral.

In figures:
– 3000 m² usable floor space
– 10 bedrooms / 7 bathrooms
– Domain 3.8 ha
– Renovation 2005-2010
– 20 000 kwh solar panels
– Completely enclosed by castle walls and wrought iron gates

Brief history:
The first part of the toponym Gorsleeuw, composed since the 13th century, is derived from Godfried (cf. Godefridi van Leeuw), the oldest known inhabitant of this site. The surname Leeuw has the Germanic “hlaiwa” (= grave hill) as root; in the Mellenstraat remnants of a Gallo-Roman cemetery from the 2nd century have been found. Some material traces of the initial castle site with a supreme court-cum-court structure have been preserved.

After the family and lords of Leeuw (13-14th century), the families van Gelinden (14th century – 1436), van den Bosch (1436-1639), van Bodbergen (1639-1701) and de Copis van Binderveld (1701-1856) lived here. Because this family largely determined the current appearance of the site – both the late-classic castle (1820) and the park layout – this castle is also sometimes referred to as the Copis castle.