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Genius Loci – The Spirit of The Place

Historic Czech Chateau in Central Bohemia

Genius Loci can be interpreted as a name for a special place, a place with strong character and
unique identity, a special and unique atmosphere, a certain magic and mystery. Such sites are
made up of diverse elements. They can be natural phenomena and formations and their
arrangement. For example, tectonic faults, geomagnetic anomalies, special odors and moisture,
atmospheric and light conditions, seasons and climate. Or it can also be a unique architecture set
perfectly in the landscape, and of course the history and events associated with the place. Such a
place provides us with a unique experience, or even a feeling of emotional security. It gives us a
powerful impression. Each of us perceives the genius loci very subjectively with regard to our
roots, cultural awareness and other influences. But of course there are places that are universally
perceived as extraordinary and charismatic for their unique atmosphere. We experience the feeling
of grandeur, mystery, nostalgia, mysticism; we have an aesthetic and artistic experience, we
cultivate our mind … Let us invite you to exactly this place: A breathtaking historic Chateau in
Central Bohemia.

The surrounding landscape has been inhabited since the dawn of time. Ancient settlers chose
this site carefully, with sensitivity and practicality, with a sense of location in the landscape. In a
temperate zone in the Czech basin and the very center of Europe, the dynamic and dramatic
landscape is not only extremely beautiful and fertile, but has that strong character and life-friendly
characteristics. It consists of valleys, plains, hills and mountains, in some places protruding wild
rock formations or conical extinct volcanoes. It is covered with forests alternating with cultivated
agricultural land. Interwoven with rivers, ponds and lakes, whose surfaces have an ethereal effect,
they reflect the changing sky and give the landscape a harmonious balance. Here, the water
surfaces reflect the treetops and open sky. This variety of natural formations and phenomena
gives the environment a human scale and a breathtaking atmosphere. Here the domain comprises
all the variety of this landscape that overflows into the nature in the surroundings.

Let’s look at the castle itself. Its most recent reconstruction is Neoclassicist, but it contains many
phases. Several historical epochs are evident in the structure of the castle itself. The first building
on the site dates from 1318, almost certainly Gothic. Significant Baroque reconstruction followed in
1729. Then came the first Neoclassical reconstruction, in 1873, follow by the most recent one in

Chateau Jablonna Interior Thumbnail

This castle fits in harmony with extensive 3.5 hectare grounds. The parkland is exquisitely

composed, with gentle forests and two ponds, with sculptures and balustrades throughout the

landscape. Gravel pathways wind through the land to present both the sense of an English park as

well as a cultivated French garden. The landscape, the castle, the history: this historic mansion

integrates all the elements we call home. It offers us a pleasant feeling, the feeling of home,

something with which we are spiritually connected, where we have comfort, family, identity.

Chateau Jablonna Interior Thumbnail

The Chateau can perfectly serve for a permanent home, a weekend or summer residence, or a

company headquarters. The interiors are equipped with luxury European brands (bathrooms,

furniture, chandeliers, carpets, paintings, textiles, of the highest quality).

The castle has a staircase hall and 17 rooms and 4 bedrooms . The floor plans of the interior have

been restored to their original state (of 1729). The layout of the rooms has a logical sequence

according to use. The enfilade is restored on the second floor. In short: this is a magnificently

appointed castle in perfect shape, set harmoniously in an enchanting landscape, a vision of genius

loci that a buyer can experience in real life.

Article by Lenka Duskova Munter of Luxent Exclusive Properties

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