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Historic Slovenian Castle For Sale Near Croatian Border

This Castle is For Sale with SLOVENIEVASTGOED.NL

PodčetrtekCastle (surface: 3.942 sqm.), built in: 1261 with estate (2.626 sqm.) near the town of Podčetrtek. The castle is a dilapidated monument and it is located near the border with Croatia in the Savinjska region; Province: Stajerska; Net surface castle: 3.942 sqm.. Estate surface: 2.626 sqm. Renovation of the castle is needed.

Podčetrtek castle is a medieval castle built in 1261. From 1261 it is mentioned in the literature as Castrum Lansperg. The settlement of Podčetrtek has existed since 1016. The castle stands on a hill above the old market center of Podčetrtek in the Stajerska (Stiermarken) province. The castle is a landmark in the region and from a distance it seems still a mighty castle. The castle also gives the town a certain romantic attraction.

In the years 1479-1490 the castle was owned by the Hungarian army. In 1515 the castle was destroyed in the peasant uprising. The castle was twice renovated. First in 1874 and later in 1974 after an earthquake. Today, the building unfortunately looks very sad. It has fallen into a state of disrepair and the access to the castle may even be dangerous. The last owner of the castle was the Attems family until 1945. The Attems family had already bought in 1682 the castle from the state. The castle was then thoroughly renovated, and decorated in baroque style. After 1945 the castle was owned by the people … and completely looted. Only a few works have been preserved and are now in the Posavski Museum in the city of Brežice.

Podčetrtek is a spa and is surrounded by the oldest and most famous spas in Slovenia. These spas have natural (hot) spring water. Spring water that comes on the surface on many places in this area. Especially in winter this is a beautiful sight when the hot steam rising from the landscape reveal the location of the sources. From the castle there is a beautiful view of the green hilly surroundings and on Terme Olimia. Within a 10 minute drive you are in Croatia.