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€POA Bohemia, Czech Republic. Vast Chateau for Sale

Chateau Jetrichovice, Substantial Property with commercial potential for sale

Chateau Jetrichovice is a substantial property for commercial use in Bohemian Switzerland National Park in the Czech Republic.

The building, with a usable area of 3 000 sqm, may be increased to up to a total 6 – 8 000 sqm. The entire property offers 9 422 sqm for residential use, 22 657 sqm for commercial use, and the remaining area is recorded as an agricultural area in the land-use plan.

Bohemian Switzerland is renowned for its beautiful landscape and quiet location. Forests cover up to 97% of the territory, which is a truly unique climate zone with a high-quality water source. Jetřichovice is a small municipality, consisting of four original villages, located under the Falkenstein rock castle in North Bohemia. It takes two hours to get there from both Prague and Dresden and is 30 minutes from Děčín.