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POA Dolní Kounice, Czechia. Impressive Castle For Sale

This impressive Castle For Sale in Dolní Kounice, Czechia is available through Marko Antic of

Agent's Description:

'We offer for sale a unique Castle and Chateau with the possibility of improving individual parts of the property into accommodation, residential, administrative or commercial.

105,000 m2 of area for the use of various parcels for trade, services, sports or cultural events.

80 places for rent, with the possibility of operating a restaurant, cafe, wine bar, ceremony hall, school or office.

Up to 100 apartments can be created if the castle and chateau are rebuilt for housing and office space.

The castle has completely improved statics and high load-bearing capacity of most ceilings and floors, reinforced for heavy loads, and it also has two elevators. It is completely suitable for adaptation to housing or other use of any nature.

The Castle and Chateau has retained its fortress character and thus provides its users with an unusual sense of privacy and security. The castle includes 10 hectares of land with its own forest, extensive meadows and open spaces suitable for creating a great background for leisure, social and business activities.

The property is in an excellent transport location, 7 minutes from the highway connected to the Czech highway network, 15 minutes from Brno, within 1 hour from Vienna and Bratislava, within 2 hours from Prague. That is, close to cities with international air, rail and road transport and international trade fairs and conferences.

The fortress is surrounded by interesting surroundings, the nearby town of Dolní Kounice with many cultural monuments, the river Jihlava below the castle, the surrounding vineyards with traditional wines from the time of Roman settlement, the nearby recreation area of Pálavské lakes and hills, a source of healing waters.

The property is sold through the sale of a business share in the company, that exclusively owned the property'.