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POA Encovany, Czech Republic. Renaissance Chateau For Sale

This Renaissance Chateau is for sale with Luxent Exclusive Properties
We are selling an extraordinary Renaissance chateau in the Encovany village near Litoměřice. Originaly a Gothic fortress, rebuilt in the sixteenth century. After 1673 another small Baroque rebuilding took place. The chateau can offer a wide range of uses, such as a senior house, a private clinic, family residence or a castle hotel.
The castle was reconstructed from the original fortress in the 16th century and consists of four wings up to two and three floors built around a rectangular courtyard. The building is complemented by a prismatic tower, courtyard lined with a pillar arcades towards the courtyard in the west and the south wings. The ground-floor rooms and some rooms on the first floor are vaulted or vaulted vaulting with lunets. In the interior of the tower and the first floor of the southwest corner there are preserved fragments of Renaissance paintings.
The castle initially served as the seat of the Chotěšov Premonstrates. It was sold then to Osvald Zejdlic of Senfeld. The Senfeld’s fortress was rebuilt into the present chateau disposition. After the Battle on the White Mountain, the castle was confiscated because of the participation of this family in the Czech Estates Uprising. The Lobkowicz family, who made only insignificant building modifications, acquired the castle then. The building served also as the seat of the manor offices and later as a depository of the Agricultural Museum in Prague.
Recently, more than CZK 10 million has been invested in the maintenance of the castle, mainly in the extensive reconstruction of the roof, which was completed in 2013.