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POA Gestel, BELGIUM.  Exquisite Moated Belgian Castle For Sale

This Castle is For Sale with Found & Baker

The Hof Van Rameyen is generally regarded as one of the most beautiful castles in our country. It is located in the
picturesque village of Gestel, in a 72 hectare landscape park that connects with forests, fields and meadows. It seems like an environment where time has stood still. Or where time no longer plays a significant role, because of the silence and tranquility. Yet it is also a place where a special dynamic was present for many centuries. The Hof Van Rameyen has had illustrious residents, such as the second son of Pieter Paul Rubens and other powerful noble families. They have all contributed in their own way to the unique aura that still surrounds the ocher-colored castle complex.


Although the romanticism of the Middle Ages can still be felt everywhere, the Hof Van Rameyen has adapted wonderfully to the present day. The domain offers a total experience in which living, working and leisure are in perfect harmony. You will find a living environment with both feet in the twenty-first century, including exhibition and office spaces, and relaxation facilities such as a fitness, swimming pool and tennis courts.


The Hof van Rameyen has evolved from a fourteenth-century keep to a sixteenth-century Renaissance castle. The different periods can still be felt today in the architecture and interior. Between 1996 and 2001, the castle and outbuildings were completely restored by architect Rutger Steenmeijer and interior designer Axel Vervoordt. It was important to preserve the integrity and authenticity of the site as much as possible. Of course, the restoration period until 2001 is not the end of the revaluation of the castle. The fact that the Hof van Rameyen is still full of health has to do with periodic and progressive maintenance work. In this way, the aim is not only to permanently strengthen the monumental character, but also to meet the needs of today and tomorrow in a sustainable manner.

The historical value of the Hof van Rameyen lies in the diversity of styles that are now beautifully reflected in both the castle and the outbuildings.


It is special that such a property is returning to the market today. Also for us as a real estate office. Day after day we
look for the most striking buildings in the country. Homes with a different story and own signature. Thanks to the Hof Van Rameyen, our portfolio has expanded to include perhaps the most beautiful castle in Belgium. A knightly family story that spans seven centuries, but today also needs a next chapter. Maybe you will write it with us?

Land area: 72 ha
Domain: Park with private forest and accompanying
meadows Buildings: Castle – Coach house –
Concierge gatehouse – Tennis court –
Swimming pool – Guest house – Stables – Offices