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€POA. Hondaribbia, Spain. XVI Century Castle for Sale

Coastal Castle for sale in Northern Spain

This castle stands on the cliffs of the Bay Higuer at the end of the way, and is part of the defensive set of Hondarribia.

The outer wall is masonry and has an inlet with segmental arch or corvado at the front. At the entrance, on one side, there is a magnificent or defensive tower. The wall surrounds the castle on one side, and there is a similar defensive tower. The other two facades do not need the protection of the wall, as they are on the cliff. The castle was built with carved sandstone and is cube-shaped.

Besides it there is another building of lesser height than the former, from where one can see the coat of arms of Felipe II. The rear of the castle overlooking the sea, was built of stone and brick. On the terrace there is a platform for artillery. Currently, one of the buildings has a living room with a fireplace, a bathroom with shower and a bedroom. It has been restored with original finishes such as terracotta floors, doors and wooden windows.

There is a transitional space down to the basement where the old dungeons can be found. Another building overlooking the port of Hondarribia has a spacious room and stairs that lead to the basement with vaulted ceiling that can communicate with the dungeons. This area connects with another big building that previously had 4 floors that have been demolished, remaining only the perimeter walls.

It has direct access to the garden and to the exterior garage. The whole fortress is surrounded by gardens and some magnificent sea views can be enjoyed from this unique property.

This Castle for sale is represented by Engel & Voelkers