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POA Jistebnice, Czech Republic. Czech Chateau and Medieval Fortress For Sale

Chateau with Medieval Fortress For Sale with Luxent Exclusive Properties
We offer for sale a unique chateau built in the Tudor neo-Gothic style, also nicknamed “Little Hluboká”, together with an extensive landscape work, the chateau's English park with the Smrž pond. The sale also includes a part of a medieval fortress, a baroque granary and a metal building. The part of the enclosure wall with battlements and the gatehouse at the entrance gate to the park in the southwest of the complex also has a neo-Gothic appearance, as well as a small farm with flats and stables near the chateau and a house at its southern end. The property is located off the main road on the outskirts of Jistebnice.
The castle is a rectangular, two-storey building built in the Tudor neo-Gothic style. The facade is divided on the ground floor by a strip bosage. The dominant element of this interesting building is a 25 m high four-storey corner tower topped by a gallery with a polygonal turret and battlements. A very significant architectural element of the internal connecting spaces is the central staircase with a pseudo-Gothic window, which is separated from the main corridor by an arcade of Tudor arches. The original glass stained glass windows are preserved in the neo-Gothic windows. In the part of the representative spaces, wooden decorative elements, coffered ceilings and also perfect handicraft details on the door frames and double doors have been preserved. Most rooms on the first floor have original oak parquet floors. Extensive cellars can serve as a lowered floor, all of these rooms have windows. An anti-nuclear shelter of at least 20 sqm is built in these areas.
The aristocratic residence is surrounded by an English castle park, the foundations were laid between 1873 and 1876. It is the work of the prominent landscape architect František Thomayer, who was a gardener in the royal city of Prague in the last quarter of the 19th century and influenced or personally impressed many Prague parks. Jistebnice Castle Park is a protected monument, there are preserved original trees planted when the park was founded. The park also housed period architecture, pavilions and shooting ranges. However, all this disappeared over time.
The Gothic Rosenberg fortress on the shore of the Pivovarský pond is the oldest Jistebník monument (mentioned as early as 1262) with preserved buildings, bastions built in the fifteenth century. The fortress is a one-storey building, the east wing with a pair of semicircular bastions has been preserved. The building has barrel vaults on the ground floor. The third bastion, of which only fragments remained, stood in the northwestern part of the courtyard, from where there was probably originally access to the fortress. The fortress was severely damaged by the Thirty Years' War. In 1638, it was partially demolished and only the walls have survived. At the end of the 17th century, however, it was restored and a brewery was established here. A Baroque granary was added to the old wall on the north side in the 18th century.