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€POA Porto Venere, Italy 12th Century Watch Tower for Sale

Capitolare Tower, Italy for sale

Watchtower built in the late Medieval period (12th century) situated in the Municipality of Porto Venere, close to the entrance of the Medieval village, included in the perimeter of the UNESCO site of Porto Venere, Cinque Terre and Islands (Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto).

The property is equipped with autonomous access going through a characteristic stairway, and has a splendid view on the village, on the coast and the surrounding panoramas.

The tower, built in the first half of the 12th century, together with the widening of the walls of the village by the Genoese, still withholds its physiognomy.
It has a plan with a square shape and is articulated on five levels above the ground; the first three levels with autonomous access are private property, while the last two are above the terrace and are of public property. The wall hangings of the Tower are made of grey rock from Porto Venere which is placed in quoins and which you can see.

The interventions and use destinations are coherent with the planning and protection tools currently in force. The objective of the previsions of the P.U.C. and the P.P. is that of keeping everything basically the same, that is the image of the entire nucleus and its surroundings as well as keeping the architectural, historical and testimonial elements of value. The finalities of the Park Plan are: avoiding the compression of the landscape, historical and architectural peculiarities of Porto Venere, maintaining over time the overall image till here acquired and recognized on an international level like the patrimony of humanity from Unesco in 1997. In 1935 it underwent an architectural monumental bond pursuant to Law n°364/1909 Monument Code n.6 code NCTN 07/01109133).