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€POA Siena, Italy 12th Century Fortified Tower

Montarrenti Castle, Italy for sale

Known as the Montarrenti Castle, the property’s original structure dates back to the 12th century and is made up of various buildings: the grand Tower has five floors above ground, with the ground floor functioning as a storeroom and boiler rooms, the first floor is be used as services and a common room, while the second, third and fourth floors host the bedrooms; the little Tower has four floors, the ground floor is used as a storeroom and boiler rooms, the first floor as services, while the second, third and fourth have the bedrooms. Alongside the small Tower, there’s a third building of small dimensions with three floors, the ground one houses the boiler rooms and has a laundry room, the first floor has the reception and the upper one has bedrooms with their respective bathrooms; another building (a former barn) could be used as a refreshment area, used exclusively by the structure, with two floors, the ground one has the kitchens, rooms for the employees and services, and the serving halls are on the first floor, which is directly connected to the barnyard outside, with a splendid view on the surrounding countryside. The building used as an “Observatory” isn’t to be renovated. The estate is restricted, for its artistic, historic, archaeological and ethno-anthropologic interest, by article 12 of the Legislative Decree 42/2004 (decree n. 478, 20/07/2012 of the Regional Directorate of the Tuscany-Ministry of Heritage and Culture).