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€POA Silesia, POLAND. Unique Polish Castle For Sale

This Castle is For Sale With Sotheby's International Realty

In the south-western Poland, in Lower Silesia, near the village of Zapusta (the road leading from Biedrzychowice to Leśna) is a unique castle.
It is Rajsko, an adorable miniature fortress almost miraculously saved from annihilation and total oblivion. This place has a long history, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages and the period of splendor attributable to the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. Since World War II, everyone who got there, could only see ruins – initially with outlines of specific shapes, fragments of stone portals and richly decorated gateways that over the years were turning more and more into mere pile of rubble. In fact, the only element of the building preserved in good condition and which was also a local tourist attraction – was the tower, from the top of which you can admire a breathtaking view of Kwisa River, Leśnianskie Lake and a famous Czocha Castle, which is situated on the opposite bank of the river.
In 2014 years the plant was put into service. Rajsko Castle is a unique and unrepeatable place, even on the European scale. It is located on the almost hundred-meter height rock, on which most of the wilderness makes its residents leaving alone in an object immersing in stunning nature. Nothing and no one disturbs the silence and the only audible noise, is the sound of the forest and water from two rivers flowing below. Rajsko Castle consists of three buildings linked together and forming one object.
In the lower house, there are 5 tastefully decorated apartments with bathrooms allowing comfortable stay for 10-16 people, professionally equipped kitchen allows you to prepare all types of meals with dining room, living room with an access to a panoramic terrace and a wine cellar. After passing through the inner courtyard, there is an upper building – a castle with knights hall with a library, multimedia and an observation tower high at 76 steps. The second, lower tower is a nest of bats, many visitors to the castle in the summer. The smallest building is the sauna with outdoor pool, jacuzzi and a small sunny terrace with panoramic views of the sunsets over the lake and the nearby hills. The property is available for rent as a whole within the self-catering as well as an object with full service (on request: cook, waiter, maid).