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€POA Sovicille, Siena, Italy. 14th Century Castle

Palazzo al Piano Castle, Italy for sale

The Palazzo al Piano Castle is the main building in a vast historic estate, first built in 1300 and restored in the 800s by the Chigi Saracini family that wanted to adapt it to the eclectic taste of that period. The property is made up by a main building with three floors above ground and a central crenulated tower with six floors, and other small annexes and typically rural farmhouses, in a splendid park (24,000 m²) that surrounds the castle. The architectural typology reflects the local tradition of using stone with wooden rooves and a covering layer of tiles, a part from the tower which has a flat roof. The first floor, used as aristocratic residential quarters, is distinguished by valuable architectural elements such as wooden coffers ceilings, stone fireplaces and floors of cotto tiles. The site is currently not being used and is restricted by the surrounding remarkable landscape. The current development legislation authorises the structure to be used as tourist accommodation but it can also be changed into residential accommodation. Any redevelopment will have to protect the site’s landscaping.

The Palazzo al Piano Castle is located in an appealing woody area of archaeological, landscape and environmental significance called Montagnola Senese (a site of regional importance – SIR), in the municipality of Sovicille (pop. 10,116), in the Province of Siena (pop. 269,388). The area has many historic buildings, most of them of value, used as luxurious residences or agricultural businesses, known internationally for its pleasant climate and landscape, but also for its production of high quality wines and oil. The estate can be reached from Siena, after the Rosia fraction, by following the SP-73/bis Senese Aretina and the SP-541 Traversa Maremmana. It’s 26 km from Siena, 92 km from Arezzo and about 70 km from the Tyrrhenian coast. Many nature trails pass through the area, marked by the CAI, there are paths for mountain bikes and bicycles, a favourite destination for botanic, zoology, geology and spelelogy enthusiasts. The closest railway station is in Siena, and guarantees connections to Florence, Empoli and Chiusi-Chianciano Terme. The A-1 motorway (Rome-Florence), and “Bettolle-Sinalunga” toll-booth, is 72 km from the property. The closest international airport is Pisa’s “Galileo Galilei” (11th Italian airport, with 4,9 million passengers in 2016).

Offered for sale by Invest In Italy (Italian Government Agency).