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Ireland’s Knockdrin Castle Now Available for €5m

Ireland's Knockdrin Castle, a fabulous Gothic Revival castle for sale near Mullingar, County Westmeath is now being offered for €5m.  The price 'reduction' (from the most recent asking price of €12m) comes as a result of the parcel of land offered with the property being reduced from approximately 1,000 acres to 500 acres (202 hectares).  
Although prospective buyers will still have the opportunity to buy the additional 500 acres (and therefore have a 1,000 acre estate), the change in asking price is a significant difference for purchasers and is likely to generate more interest in the property.  For the majority of buyers in this market, 500 acres is still a very substantial estate and – with the exception of those intending to use the estate for commercial agricultural purposes – will be sufficient for their requirements.
Click here for the details of Knockdrin Castle on Castleist.
Knockdrin Castle is represented for sale by David Ashmore of Sotheby's Realty.